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Almost Alive is redefining the role playing tactical games with an awesome real time combat system in a mad hand drawn post apocalyptic world that features character mental sanity as one of the core elements of a game with a non linear story

Almost Alive is now on Steam

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Fast paced, tactical and versatile combat system

Making a tactical real-time combat system in an awesome role-playing game was the first major goal. Combat mechanics are based upon attributes and skills that will increase aiming speed and adjust accuracy depending on movement, firearm recoil, and too many other factors to list here. Two in one, a fast paced combat system for swarm type enemies (mutant zombies…), your characters can move while shooting and a cover and more tactical system for smarter opponents.

Gameplay trailer

Nuclear character sheet to make an infinity of builds

Forge your style with 6 core attributes and select over 115 skills: combat, perception, strength, agility, dexterity, stealth, throw, endurance, wisdom, dialogue, action… skills. Each one will change your game experience. Choose one of the archetype paths, or build a completely customized character.

Fully hand drawn 2.5D game

Characters, animations, scenery, terrain, locations, comic style cut scenes, everything is hand drawn! I believe that 2D graphics are never outdated and give the game an unique identity!

Acts have consequences on the story but also on your character’s sanity

Another challenge was to extend the psychological aspect of a mad post apocalyptic world with 98 traits and crazyness. Adding multiple madness paths to full insanity that result in uncontrollable character actions, including shooting allies, starting fights – or even killing himself. Those will change how people will react to you – affecting plot progression pathways and  dialogue options!

Multitude of approaches and huge replay ability

Sneak, steal, talk, drug, throw, trap, lock-pick, barricade, breach or just fight your way through. Carefully craft your victory, or just destroy everything! Chose one of the many possible paths to conduct your story. Who will you help or betray and who will you wipe out? Or play it as a lone wolf.

Introduction trailer

Loot, loot, loot!!!

More than 192 weapons, 106 armors ,18 throwables, 18 drugs…

The 6 combat archetypes

Those are the 6 main progress paths for a character build. You can merge those while leveling your 6 main attributes and choosing your skills.


High agility and dexterity characters, they take lead point when assaulting an enemy position. Their coordination allows them to be stealthy and move fast while being able to aim precisely. A very high level commando can aim for heads while moving and extend his marksmanship or speed of movement. They can use almost any weapon, dual wielding pistols, silenced rifles, shotguns or even machine-guns if they pump their strength.

Commando trailer


High dexterity and perception characters are considered taking the soldier path, they can aim faster and better than most people and will extend their coordination to aim precisely while moving or wisdom to deal more critical shots. A high level soldier can also train his endurance to take more damage and to extend his stamina or strength to reduce firearms recoil and use heavy and automatic weapons effectively.

Soldier trailer


With a high perception and wisdom characters learn how to aim for heads faster than anyone else. With piercing bullets they can deal devastating damage to group of enemies. One shot kill? No, one shot five kills. High level snipers also train their agility to remain stealthy or dexterity to reduce their regular aim timer.

Sniper trailer


Fighters are martial artists that forged their strength and their wisdom. They can deliver fatal blows in close combat very easily. They extend their martial arts knowledge by training their dexterity to hit faster and agility to move faster or to sneak behind their targets. A very high level fighter deals only critical damage and kills at each hit.

Fighter trailer


Tanks are so used taking hits with their high strength and endurance. They are the shields of battle, but they can also use automatic weapons, their muscles helping them to reduce the recoil. Being partially soldiers or commandos will extended their weapon control and make them deadly with automatic weapons like miniguns.

Tank trailer


Shadows are the best at taking point, they have a high endurance to move faster and a high agility to remain undetected. They can conduct actions without being seen. A good scout will also train his perception and dexterity to detect enemies further and to aim more precisely . Shadows can wipe out a whole gang without being noticed

Shadow trailer

Latest News

Here you can get and react to all the last development news! Check out for some extra content!

Raptors are alive

Raptors finally live. Fear them, hunt them, already in the beta only on Discord https://discord.gg/VJas5GGjqv

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AA now on Steam!

Check Almost Alive page on steam! And get early access to the game the 17th July! The early access should allow progressive content to be added on a regular basis[…]

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Kanos pieces in Almost Alive

Impressive Kanos pieces featured all around in Almost Alive!   Check Kanos instagram and blog for moreee! Kanos Instagram Kanos blog

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Almost Alive Demo Trailer!

The Almost Alive demo trailer is ready and rolling, check the awesomness!

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Making the dream

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? well we’ve got news for you, that’s just the demo! With your help, Emir Cerimovic can expand the game into it’s final form! Including:



The first one is the most obvious one, right? We need women in Almost Alive! Equality is a great Ideal.. but without funding we simply cannot afford to double the number of hand drawn character assets – without crippling Emir.

. Exo Armors

Huge and powerful armors, perfect for tanks and boss fights!

. Mutant Hoards

Plethora of mutants that will expand the game play, enrich the world and add interesting quests.

Raptors mk1

The pathogen released on earth turned people into fearless and dumb zombies. Those were quickly renamed to raptors when people saw the creatures that were growing inside the human hosts. The parasite actually attach itself to the human brain and evolves around it. On the prime age it uses the host primal instincts to hunt and kill to eat, but it can show forms of intelligence and even use tools when the raptor grows inside. They also tend to use tactics to trap their prey.

Raptors mk2

Like many other creatures the raptor parasite evolved with the radiations. After the nuclear food was hard to find and instead of just growing into the human body the parasite assimilated it to use all of it resources fully. Those raptors also grew raptor babies in pouches in their back. One infected human by the pathogen mk2 can produce over hundreds of raptors


After the nuclear war, rats survived underground, and just like if it was their time to rule the world, their brain and body evolved into something more… human. Radiations probably helped too… The ratmen number is growing and they are actually the only real treat for raptors.


Radiations and harsh life melted the brain of some people turning them into beasts. They are immune to raptors pathogen and some say they are  a natural human evolution to prevent the virus affecting them.


A lot of humans that had to survive outside of a bunker turned into mutants. And while radiations helped some to extend their perception it made them more ugly and physically way more fragile.

Lone Fox

Lone foxes specialise into stealth, being scouts or mercenary  they prefer working alone but use human settlements to trade or find jobs. Half beasts they are immune to radiations and raptor pathogen. Some say Lone Foxes were military specimens but none really knows. They are really rare and won’t talk about them self.


Radiated fishes that have grown limbs and attack people on the beaches. Cows that started eating meat and so on….


Weird radiated thing that digests anything it touches. The bullet just passes trough and the only way to kill it is to cut it to smaller pieces until it vanishes. They are slow, but deadly on contact.

Epic Boss Battles

Huge mutants, armored vehicles… Bosses that will challenge your skills and bring awesome new content, expanding the game play and make you feel like a boss yourself after defeating them!

. Mad Vehicles

Want to drive your bike around or machine gun mutants while driving a buggy? Need some speed to fight a boss? Or a trunk for all your loot? Yeah, that’s possible!


Full Real Time Strategy squad commands

Build your team, let the AI decide most of the time with basic order commands, or order your soldiers where to take cover, to stay silent and wait for your shot.

.Advanced Squad Based Tactical AI

Watch enemies flank you with their stealthy characters while the machine gunners pin you down! More challenging, more rewarding, more FUN!

An open and dynamic world

Including world events that unfold with, or without you. A huge world map with timed quests, things just happen if you aren’t there. This will force into making choices and offer a great replay ability.

.An overarching main plot

With subplots and optional role play. Choose a path, choose allies, help them in secondary quests so they will help you to fight your enemies in epic battles in return. Make a revolution or support the power. Decide the fate of humankind. Your decisions trough the whole game will have an influence on the ending.

.A Full Soundtrack

And mastering of all sound effects. Listen an immersive soundtrack during the whole game.

A map builder to live forever

Build your own maps, quests and scenarios. Make Almost Alive live forever by sharing them with the community.

Game deployment to consoles

Want to play on your television? This is possible and will even be fun. The game commands can be ported toward consoles.

Cooperative and VS multiplayer modes

When you first try Almost Alive, you will think the game play would be perfect for multiplayer. Surprise your friends by shooting trough walls or destroying the building they are in. Or play together to fight mutant hoards and other more evil human gangs.

Stay in touch

Come talk to me on Discord and get all latest fresh infos on the game development!

Help building this awesomeness!


About Emir

I am an artist and a madman with a passion for creating new worlds with new rules. I think video games deserve to be better products with higher development standards. Creating games is one of the most beautiful art forms, and an awesome tool for making people think, to do so I learnt to draw, animate, code, etc…. Jagged Alliance 2, Fallout 1 and 2 are my main inspiration. It was a dream to see a tactical game like Ja2 in a post apocalyptic world with a good real time combat system. And that dream might be about to get real! I also love smart indie games. You might have seen me in This war of mine trailer. I was a consultant for 11bits studio and provided art for that awesome game. If you see where I’m going, help me build this dream, I swear I’ll never stop making  games that will surprise you while being fun and have a deep message.